Rashid Latif and Irfan Pathan Slammed Pakistan Cricketers for hosting a 25 USD Fee private dinner!

Once again, the Pakistan cricket team is caught up in a heated controversy, for which they are being lashed out by many. Before the 2024 T20 World Cup commenced, team Pakistan hosted a private dinner party in the United States of America. Fans were invited to meet the Pakistan team and greet them.  However, every attendee had to pay 25 US dollars as an entry fee. And, this point made eyebrows raise and stirred up controversy amongst Pakistan’s cricketing community.

Rashid Latif Expressed his Disappointment

Former Pakistan cricketer Rashid Latif voiced his discontent about the incident, taking it to social media to lash out at the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) and the players involved. He further questioned the decisions and necessity to collect money from fans for this type of event. Also, he voiced about the possible risks that might occur.

Rashid Latif said, “No! Not At All! Although official dinners might be okay, this is a private dinner. Who will do this? It is terrible.”

According to the video Rashid shared on his social media explaining that fans were seen meeting Pakistani cricketers during the arranged event private dinner, for which they were charged USD 25. Hence, this incident and the concept of this event kept the former Pakistani legendary cricketer Rashid Latif and others in shock.

Also, the Pakistani television personality Nauman Niaz labeled this event as a ‘sad state of affairs’ and further pointed out the purpose and motive of the team.

Private Dinner Party with the name of Pakistan and Pakistan Cricket: Rashid Latif

Latif expressed that he feels bad that people have started saying “Whoever calls the Pakistani cricketers, all that they ask is ‘How much money will you give?’ and this is sad to hear that players have been indulging in such activities.”

The Pakistani legendary cricketer further added, saying: “It was completely different in our times because we hardly used to have just 2 or 3 dinners, but that too was official.”

This particular issue is highlighted because it is the prestigious World Cup being hosted in the USA for the first time. Rashid Latif said, “The Pakistani players should have been careful and shouldn’t have been recklessly misusing the fan meet by charging a fee of 25 US Dollars like this.”

Recently after their match against the USA; Pakistan is having another upcoming game against the rival country India on 9th June 2024.

Irfan Pathan slammed the Pakistani Cricketers for Risking the security of the players

Former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan was also shocked regarding this incident and expressed his views on this.

Irfan Pathan spoke on Star Sports, saying, “This is not at all acceptable! You are openly exposing the cricket team players to people of whom you are not at all aware! This should not have happened because the World Cup is a prestigious global tournament. Just imagine! What if someone had caused harm to the players? Who will be responsible for such incidents? This is not how and what has to be done when you are for a big tournament like World Cup.”

Rashid Latif Alerted Players to be Cautious

Rashid Latif had asked all the Pakistan players to stay more cautious and vigilant; particularly while being under the media’s focus on them during the T20 World Cup 2024. Also, Rashid pointed out the importance of responsible decision-making and behaviors.

Therefore, Rashid concluded his cautioning statement by strictly saying that players should keep themselves away from making money off such fan interactions.

“If you claim no one is bigger than you, then win the World Cup”: Ahmed Shehzad about Pakistan Players

Recently, Pakistan’s discarded batsman Ahmed Shehzad said that the discipline of Babar Azam and other teammates is not up to the mark. Also, he spoke about the same team getting good opportunities but failing to climb up to the major trophies in the past.

Besides, Ahmed Shehzad added, saying: “If I start to talk about the Pakistan team’s discipline it will become morning! We never said anything to anybody, but we will surely discuss cricket. If you feel you are a best-in-class player; or you claim no one is bigger than you, then win the World Cup. Anyhow, you have 5 tournaments. And, the way the team is taking things and being reckless, we will have to tell everyone.”


Overall, not just the former legendary Pakistan cricketer Rashid Latif, but also many of them are expressing their opinion on this incident. And, extremely slamming the Pakistani team players for indulging in such activities.