Are there any reliable tips to help me quit cricket betting?

Betting addiction is a condition that comes from compulsive gambling. However, it can define as an uncontrollable urge to place a bet. Without taking care of risks and potential devastation, losing the bet may cause you and your family to. Similarly, cricket betting addiction often means you will take unnecessary risks in gambling. In fact, you have a hope of a large return on the other end of the bet. You are always searching for the best cricket betting tips to help you win more.

Betting addiction describes as a progressive addiction. In this type of addiction, you experience an impulse-control disorder. It means that you often cannot fight the impulse and always succumbs to the pressure to gamble. This article will give you some of the best tips to help you quit cricket betting. 

Avoid Temptation:

Cricket betting is a temptation, but seeing this as an addiction is a significant step because it allows you to use abilities from addiction recovery and relapse prevention. If you want to quit cricket gambling, avoid people, places, and activities connected to gambling. It will help you avoid a setback. In fact, by avoiding these triggers, you can avoid the thoughts and feelings that encourage cricket betting. 

For instance, if watching cricket makes you want to bet on it, consider watching something else. In addition, cut up your credit cards and allow your spouse to handle the addition to this, never discuss cricket betting tips with anyone. However, it may look like an inconvenience, but just as a person with a drinking problem should not go into a bar, you also have to identify and avoid your triggers. You can work on triggers and find a way to avoid the temptation to quit cricket betting with the person you love most.

Take Help From Counseling Services:

It is one of the best tips to quit cricket betting. Instead of limiting the betting option, you will get help. Counseling can be done through the internet, or you can also visit a therapist. However, the best thing is that you can do it at any time, which is really helpful. Don’t try to search for cricket betting tips, as it will increase your cricket betting need. Of course, the effects of counseling last long, and they are massive. You will understand how to control your cricket betting and prevent future problems. In addition, you will also learn some very useful things that you can use to help others. Now, you will completely solve your cricket betting addiction, and you won’t have problems with it.

Understand the Problem:

Of course, you can’t fix something that you don’t understand. To quit cricket betting, you must first learn about the issues and admit that you have a gambling addiction. According to American Psychiatric Association, cricket betting is a mental health disorder, like other addictions like alcohol and drugs. People who are associated with cricket betting always try to get as well as share useful cricket betting tips. You might have cricket betting disorder if you have the following:

  • The powerful need to bet a large amount of money.
  • Feel restless or irritable when not betting.
  • Frequently make unsuccessful attempts to quit cricket betting.
  • Find yourself completely preoccupy with cricket betting.
  • Notice that you bet to manage your stress.
  • Continue betting to get even.
  • Lied to your friends, colleagues, and loved ones about cricket betting.
  • Lost your relationship or creates conflict about betting.
  • Need financial help.

Be honest with yourself when you look over the symptoms of cricket betting addiction. You can also ask your loved one about their opinion of your cricket betting for a clear understanding. Just stop denying your partner and start looking at the negative effect cricket betting has on your life.

Join Self-Exclusion Programs:

Self-exclusion means that you will visit the platform and create an account. You need some basic information and a few personal details. Once you make your account, you will choose the duration of the self-exclusion. In fact, you can choose six months or up to five years. After you do this, all cricket betting sites will become unavailable for the selected time duration. Once the time ends, you can start betting. The major goal of it is to provide time to you so you can work on your cricket betting addiction. Once you solve it, the self-exclusion will end, and you can enjoy cricket betting again. Fortunately, most self-exclusion platforms are free and available on all sites with a UKGC license. Of course, it is mandatory by the betting authority, and there is no way around it. 


These are some of the most reliable tips to help you quit cricket betting. One of the best things is that you can use all these options together. Don’t discuss cricket betting tips with anyone because it will increase your temptation. You can use them if you need help, but there is no reason for that. After all, your major goal is to get help with cricket betting addiction.

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