The Safest Online Casino Payment Methods 2021

Indians have had difficulty depositing money on online casino sites over the years, but luckily, with the introduction of more convenient payment systems, those concerns are now starting to ease off. You will, however, escape nearly every danger linked to online gaming by using secure casino payment methods. We are going to explore other options of payment in this piece that increase your protection.

Still, it can still seem difficult to finance our casino accounts; especially with some Indian banks frowning on transactions between account holders and gambling firms. Each form of payment has its benefits and drawbacks, and here we will detail those for you.

Select the one you want the best, and never think about gambling again on the internet. Of course, before we get into the payment options; choosing a stable online casino to bet online is your first order of business. 

Online Casino Payment Methods:

Credit/Debit Cards:

It is immensely convenient to deposit at an online casino. You can deposit in a flash of an eye in today’s day and age if you use the right online casino payment methods option. All you need to do is pick the sum you want to pass; fill out the necessary information, and in no time, you’ll be gambling away to the content of your heart!

There are several options to deposit cash at an online casino for Indian players. But needless to say, some strategies are easier than others. Some are available more commonly; others are cheaper and easier.

Virtual Visa Cards

Much like credit and debit cards, virtual Visa cards operate except they are prepaid, and they expire after a set time. It becomes useless after you have used the credit on your virtual Visa passport, and you need to obtain another one before you can deposit it again.

  • Visa cards are accepted generally, so you can use this payment form to compete at the best online casinos.
  • They’re simple to use and don’t generally need secondary accounts to be established. However, you will be inspired by several businesses that offer virtual Visa cards to develop a wallet to backup your cards in.
  • A blockade amid users’ real card and their casino account is created by virtual Visa cards. With the physical credit or debit card, users can obtain their virtual Visa card and utilize the virtual one to deposit at online casinos.

Online Casino payment methods via E-Wallet

EWallets (sometimes referred to as online wallets) provides Indian bettors with a fast, effective, and extremely simple way to deposit money into their online casino accounts.

They act as an intermediary between your casino account and the bank, meaning that; when financing your casino account, you do not have to deal directly with the bank.

You have to build an account with your favourite E-Wallet to deposit money into your casino account through this process. It is convenient to get an E-Wallet password. You can find a very simple guide on how to register as you visit their pages.

The next thing to do forward to creating your eWallet account finances the wallet. This can be accomplished using any form of deposit, including credit cards and bank transfers. You will then move the money from there into your casino account until your wallet is financed.

We recommend joining 1xBet if you choose to deposit with an E-Wallet, as they accept all international e-wallets and the Indian Paytm.

Popular Online Casino Mobile Payment Options

Pay by Mobile Credit

The payment industry is one of the most innovative fields of technology. People often come up with fresh ways of paying and being paid online.

One of the ways to operate around the conventional banking system is to pay at online casinos using your cell phone.

For the UK and European game, payment systems like Boku Mobile Pay, PayByMobile, and others are available.

Prepaid Cards: AstroPay Card, Paysafe Card

Prepaid cards give us another excellent choice for bringing cash into our casino accounts. Without the need for a checking account or credit card, it is a prepaid card that helps us to deposit money into our casino accounts.

You will first need to buy one to have a prepaid card. Since it is affordable and can be obtained using local Indian payment systems, we suggest purchasing a prepaid card online.

The AstroPay Card is the safest prepaid card to use for online casino purchases.

Several casino sites are running in India with the AstroPay deposit option open. The best thing about an AstroPay card is that it can be ordered online and that the card is interactive.


All people enjoy vouchers, but we’re not discussing shopping coupons in this case; we’re talking about vouchers at online casinos that take the place of cash. This is the nearest thing you can come to be able to directly deposit cash into an online casino account.

There are some voucher schemes for the internet. The ones that predominate will depend on where you are living. Paysafecard, Flexepin, and Neosurf are all common types of casino payments, and they work in a similar way.


One of the newest and most creative ways to conduct online transfers in cryptocurrencies. Basically, it’s a currency that only operates electronically that can be bought and sold exactly as it does on the normal foreign exchange market. Transactions with cryptocurrencies are quick, stable, and secure.

Cryptocurrency helps us, without having to negotiate directly with Indian banks, to finance our casino accounts. You must first establish a cryptocurrency account to deposit the cryptocurrency at an online casino.

You are able to finance your account and enjoy your gambling experience now that you are aware of the quickest and most comfortable deposit methods in India.

Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting the Payment Method

Safety is a crucial aspect of online casino websites, and you want to have peace of mind because your financial data are safe and protected while you deposit and withdraw money when playing, not to mention any other personal details you need to use to sign up for the game.

Generally, to check your identity and ensure that you are of legal age to gamble; successful online casinos will require you to provide some simple personal information, and you might be asked to provide a copy of your photo ID.

 Play only on sites that are covered by an SSL license. As this shows the security of any details you access on the web.

You are able to finance your account and enjoy your gambling experience now that you are aware of the quickest and most comfortable deposit methods in India.

Some casinos encourage you to pay by bank transfer or cheque but bear in mind that it typically takes longer for this deposit form to clear into your account. At the same time, look at the options available for withdrawing money, too, and the time it takes to enter your bank account for your winnings.

The wagering criterion is one of the most important items to review. Before you can cash out your winnings, the wagering criterion is the number of times you would bet the bonus. With a substantial wagering demand, a decent bonus deal will always arrive.

Generally, most casinos with decent incentives have 35 or lower wagering criteria. Any casinos may have unreasonably high standards for wagering, which would prohibit you from receiving the incentive.

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