Shakib Al Hasan Reveals Blurred Vision: Played World Cup 2023 during his suffering from Hypertensive Retinopathy

Bangladesh former captain Shakib Al Hasan reveals blurred vision in his left eye due to  Hypertensive Retinopathy, during the ODI ICC World Cup 2023. The 36-year-old all-rounder said that doctors advised him not to take stress during the medication. But he chose to play for his country.

Shakib Al Hasan reveals blurred vision made him feel uncomfortable during the tournament, and made him struggle while batting and fielding.

His health conditions affected his performance in various aspects during the World Cup 2023 tournament:

  1. As a batsman, Shakib Al Hasan was able to score only 188 runs in 7 innings of the ODI World Cup 2023. It includes his highest score of 82 runs from 65 balls ( including 12 fours and 2 sixes) against Sri Lanka.
  2. Also, Shakib struggled batting during the match against Pakistan by scoring 43 runs from 64 balls( including 4 fours).
  3. Being a left-arm spin bowler, Shakib could take only 9 wickets in 7 innings. It includes his best bowling figures of 3-30 in 8 overs during the opening match against Afghanistan.
  4. Shockingly,  after delivering an impressive performance in the first match, he managed to grab only 6 wickets by bowling 52.3 overs in the tournament.
  5. As a captain, Shakib Al Hasan led Bangladesh to victory in only 2 out of 8 matches. Bangladesh was placed in the 8th position on the CWC points table. Luckily, Bangladesh qualified for the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 after the Netherlands lost to India by a huge margin.
  6. Shakib fractured his left index finger while chasing a target of 280 runs against Sri Lanka. As a result, he was ruled out of the last match against Australia.

Shakib Al Hasan reveals blurred vision: Suffers from Hypertensive Retinopathy

According to the statement given by Shakib, the first time he noticed the problem was while playing against New Zealand on 13 October in Chennai.

In that match, he scored 15 runs and bowled 6 overs for 32 runs. A doctor in Delhi diagnosed his hypertensive retinopathy. He explained the severity of this issue.

In an interview with a local TV channel, Shakib spoke about his sufferings. He said he had discomfort facing the ball and couldn’t see the ball. It seemed like a white patch on his left eye.

The doctor prescribed him medicines and said it was due to stress and high blood pressure which he should be avoiding as much as possible. But Shakib didn’t follow the doctor’s advice. Rather, he played for his country.

The eye is an extension of the brain and this is what the medical sciences consider.

 A high amount of stress in the brain affects the eyes and it is dangerous. The blood vessels thicken and this is known as Hypertensive Retinopathy.

The symptoms are having double vision and blurred vision. At times it could reduce the vision completely based on the severity of the issue.

Shakib Al Hasan reveals blurred vision caused hindrance in his performance

Shakib had not informed about this severe condition either to the team management or the selectors. In an interview, Shakib Al Hasan reveals blurred vision as he opens up about his recent struggles which caused a lot of discomfort. He stated that he did not want to let them down. Instead, he tried to pull off the situation by using painkiller medicines and medicated eye drops. But it wasn’t proving to help him overcome his troubles.

He wanted to play for his country but at the same time, he regrets playing with blurred vision that deterred the chances of qualifying for the Trophy.

During the World Cup match against Sri Lanka on 6th November 2023  in Delhi, Shakib scored 82 runs and took 2 wickets by conceding 57 runs. He revealed that he had fractured his left index finger during that match. Later, Shakib went to Dhaka for further treatment.

As he had recently entered politics, joining the ruling party he is busy with his political career. At the same time, he wishes to continue serving his country in both cricket as well as politics. Shakib confirmed he will be returning to action soon as he is recovering from his injuries.

Upon asking, Shakib at no point was ready to make excuses about his captaincy being one of his stresses. He wished it would have been better if he had got this ODI team and captaincy earlier. At no point, did he say captaincy was the reason for his stress but he wished he had gotten the captaincy earlier.

However, after their 6th straight defeat, Bangladesh became the first team to get eliminated from the Cricket World Cup 2023. Unfortunately, Bangladesh could win only 2 matches against Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Shakib confirms to serve in both Politics and Cricket

Meanwhile, Shakib reported that entering into politics doesn’t mean bidding goodbye to cricket. He added that he would not have any hindrances from the BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board)  despite being in politics. However, It was the same with Bangladesh’s former skipper Mashrafe Mortaza after he had entered politics.

Shakib further added on saying that he can manage both cricket and politics. He says all it requires is proper time management and as he has done in the past he can do it in the future also.

Shakib states he wouldn’t be having any sort of misunderstanding or issues with the Board as he is straightforward with his activities and maintains transparency.

Fans will be excited to see how Shakib is going to continue dual pursuits in cricket as well as politics as it requires managing responsibilities in his political career and returning to form on the cricket field.