Shoaib Malik Match Fixing in BPL 2024 Match makes Pakistan media angry

News spreading rapidly about Shoaib Malik Match Fixing has led to breaking his contract with the BPL – Bangladesh Premier League. The Pakistani All-Rounder was terminated with an allegation that he got involved in match-fixing. However, Shoaib Malik broke his silence and dismissed the rumors by posting them on X (formerly known as Twitter).

The 41-year-old cricketer faced severe consequences for delivering 3 no-balls in one over resulting in an 18-run knock.

Shoaib Malik who represented the Fortune Barishal team, confirmed that he is moving to Dubai for personal matters. Therefore, he requested management to find an alternative for the Barishal Team.

However, the reports say that the termination decision was due to match-fixing.

But Shoaib Malik himself confirmed that he is currently in Dubai for personal reasons and desires to participate in the game after his return. So the media speculations lack informational substance.

2 main reasons added a layer of controversy. Firstly,  Shoaib Malik’s unanticipated exit from the BPL. Secondly his contract termination news.

Cricket Authorities and League organizers will conduct a complete investigation to maintain fair play principles.

The controversy of Shoaib Malik Match Fixing was clarified by himself

In recent times, the controversy of Shoaib Malik match fixing spread rapidly and he clarified that he was in Dubai for a personal reason and revealed his desire to play for Fortune Barishal. He explained it through his post on his official X account (formerly known as Twitter).

He started by saying that he would like to address and dismiss the recent rumors circulating on Shoaib Malik match fixing and his playing in BPL for Fortune Barishal. Also, He talks about having a discussion with Captain Tamim Iqbal and together they had planned. Further, he added that he had to leave Bangladesh and go to Dubai for one of his earlier committed media engagements.

Shoaib Malik extended his wishes to Fortune Barishal for their upcoming matches and stated that he would be available to support them if needed. However, he expressed the joy he had in playing the matches and will continue doing so.

Finally, Malik denied baseless rumors and advised people to refrain from circulating wrong news that could damage the prestige and years of good reputation.

The words he said he wanted to highlight the importance of caution when it comes to rumors. He made it clear by saying that he refutes these baseless rumors and alerts everyone to verify information before believing and spreading it. Misconceptions can hurt the person and his reputation creating extreme confusion. Also, he has asked the audience to rely on credible sources to ensure understanding of facts.

Shoaib Malik on Consecutive Controversies

Malik is continuously occupied on the front page of debates. Firstly it was the controversy of Shoaib Malik match fixing issue. Secondly, it was not paying in BPL and his termination. Now recently he ended his 2nd marriage with Indian tennis superstar Sania Mirza. He had married actress Sana Javed as his 3rd wife.

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza got married in Hyderabad’s traditional Muslim ceremony in the year 2010. The beautiful couple welcomed their first child, Izhaan, in 2018.

The Rumors aren’t new as they kept making rounds for a few years. But neither Sania Mirza nor Shoaib Malik revealed in public about their personal life.

How did the controversy of Shoaib Malik match fixing arise?

The controversy of Shoaib Malik match fixing occurred during the BPL match against Khulna Tigers. However, Malik shocked the spectators and audience by bowling 3 no-balls in one single over. This sparked the speculations alleging Shoaib Malik match fixing.

Indeed Dhaka’s Sher-e-Bangla Stadium has become the hub of the controversy. The incident swiftly became viral on social media and fans expressed their concern raising questions about the game’s integrity.


It is good that Shoaib Malik broke the silence and he refuted the baseless rumors. He insisted the audience not to believe anything that has no proper source of information and no proof.

Although his exit from BPL was unanticipated and unexpected. But despite speaking to the captain and leaving on mutual discussion, still rumors circulated about Shoaib Malik leaving BPL – Bangladesh Premier League. This added a layer to the controversy. Naturally, the netizens have got a piece of crispy news that could make rounds on the internet.

But unfortunately, it is always Shoaib Malik in recent times, who has become the face of controversies. Each news of him is a viral content surrounding social media.

However, he has expressed his desire to continue playing the match after his return. Therefore let us wait to witness Malik’s next proceedings.