Tamim Iqbal criticized Mushfiqur Rahim: The former Bangladesh skipper blames his unconscious act

Bangladesh former skipper Tamim Iqbal made his debut as an international match commentator during the 2nd test match between Bangladesh and New Zealand on 6th December 2023. At Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka, Tamim had a memorable and eventful experience. During the match, Tamim Iqbal criticized Mushfiqur Rahim after surrendering himself to the rare and unusual dismissal in the history of Bangladesh cricket.

In the 41st over of the 1st innings bowled by Kyle Jamieson, Mushfiqur Rahim obstructed the ball with his gloves after defending it with the bat.

Tamim Iqbal immediately mentioned during the commentary that Mushfiqur could land into trouble for his unconscious act.

The entire New Zealand cricket team appealed to the match umpires. After a detailed review by the TV Umpire Ahsan Raza, Mushfiqur Rahim was finally dismissed as “obstructing the field”.

As a result, Mushfiqur Rahim had to depart after scoring 35 runs from 83 balls. New Zealand’s bowling attack completely collapsed Bangladesh’s start. At the same time, Mushfiqur’s effort of a steady partnership with Shahadat Hossain completely went in vain.

Mushfiqur steered Bangladesh from 47-4 in 14.6 overs to 104-5 in 40.4 overs.

At the end of Day 1, home fans on social media completely criticized Mushfiqur.

After 2017, the law of such dismissals was changed from “handling the ball” to “obstructing the field”.

Apart from cricket fans and netizens, former cricketers such as Tamim Iqbal criticized Mushfiqur Rahim for recklessly handling the ball. Moreover, the ball wasn’t going to hit the wicket straight. A dot ball would have saved his wicket as well as guided Bangladesh to a reputable score.

After Mushfiqur’s dismissal, Bangladesh managed to score only 172-10 in 66.2 overs, by losing the remaining 5 wickets instantly.

Tamim Iqbal criticized Mushfiqur Rahim: An opinion of the former Bangladesh skipper

During the match commentary, Tamim Iqbal criticized Mushfiqur Rahim by pointing out his unconscious actions. Tamim feels that it was such an illogical act by an experienced test cricketer:

“ After gaining wisdom from over 80 matches, it is crucial for him to be cautious and refrain from such unusual behaviors that may result in violating the law and lead to his dismissal.”

Furthermore, Tamim Iqbal denies the excuse of a batsman’s practice sessions contributing to such an unintentional act: 

“Occasionally, the routine of practicing in nets can unintentionally make this happen. During the practice session in the nets, a batsman frequently grabs the ball in hand and gives it back to the bowlers. Perhaps, Mushfiqur raised his hands in the air without realizing it. However, this cannot serve as an excuse to justify a player’s unconscious stunt”.

However, the fourth ball of the 40th over wasn’t Mushfiqur’s first attempt. As the 29th over began immediately after lunch, the 36-year-old right-handed batsman tried to knock the ball away from the stumps using his right hand. But, his imperfect contact with the ball made him continue till the 40th over of the match. 

After 11 overs, the New Zealand fielders caught Mushfiqur Rahim obstructing the ball with their hand rather than using a bat.

Mehidy Hasan Miraz supports after Tamim Iqbal criticized Mushfiqur Rahim

Bangladesh all-rounder Mehidy Hazan Miraz supports the strange dismissal of Tamim. After Tamim Iqbal criticized Mushfiqur Rahim, his teammate Mehidy Hazan defended his action of obstructing the ball:

“It occurred during the flow of the competition. A batsman needs the skill of making a split-second choice while batting at the crease. His hand most likely slipped and caught up during the rhythm of his batting. I know he didn’t do it purposefully. Multiple thoughts occur in the back of your mind at a time during the match. Previously, in the World Cup 2023, we secured a time-out dismissal. So, these unpredictable twists are just a part of the game that happens to us commonly.”

From Mehidy Hasan’s statement, it becomes clear that this isn’t the first time Bangladesh matches have been involved in such controversies.

Bangladesh was able to hook the time-out dismissal of Sri Lankan all-rounder “Angelo Mathews” in World Cup 2023.

After the World Cup 2023, New Zealand’s cricketer “Glenn Phillips” applied saliva onto the ball and violated the ICC rules during the first test match of BAN vs NZ.

Similarly, Mushfiqur Rahim got involved in a new debate during the 2nd test match between New Zealand and Bangladesh.

Consequently, Mushfiqur Rahim became the first Bangladesh Batsman to undergo a strange dismissal. Also, he becomes the 11th international batsman across all formats to face the dismissal for obstructing the ball as well as the 8th international test batsman to be dismissed in a rare style. Despite being the best-run scorer and wicket-keeper for the Bangladesh cricket team, a bad performance in a single match due to lack of consciousness has landed Mushfiqur Rahim in deep criticism