Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Thank you very much for preferring Crictaka. You have entered our terms (“Terms,” “Terms of Agreement,” and “Terms of Use”) list. This is an understanding amongst you (“you,” “your,” “user”) and Crictaka (“Crictaka,” “us,” “we,” “our”). 

This article explains the privileges and restrictions of consumers to use our website and its facilities. Through proceeding to press on the “I agree” tab. You intend to comply with all the laws and legislation, and you have read and accepted your duties and privileges. 

Therefore, the use of this website is subject to all laws and regulations pertaining to online gaming. If you do not adhere to all of these user agreements, you shall avoid proceeding on this platform. Our Privacy Policy also takes care of this use.

These terms of the agreement shall set down and govern the rules and conditions for the customer’s connection with all sites of the said website and with any direct provisional goods and/or services thereof. 

Age-restricted Content

Please be mindful that our website can refer to topics that may be deemed unacceptable for an audience under the age of 18, as defined by relevant legislation. The user must be at least 18 years of age to access the content of this website. After visiting this page, the user hereby represents and warrants that they are constitutionally 18 years of age or older.

Amendments of Terms and Conditions

We have the right to amend and adjust the terms and conditions from time to time in order to take into account improvements in our service or technologies and/or to conform with any applicable new regulations and/or changes to existing legislation.

When new, the updated terms and conditions will be applicable immediately. The user’s dedication is to be guided by the most recent edition of the terms of use. 

If the customer wants to view or use the website; he/she refers to all those changes to the terms and conditions. The revised date attached at the end of this article would specify the date on which the last revision was made.

Services and Content 

Every and all details and resources offered to Crictaka’s visitors or subscribers, including, but not limited to; website ratings or reviews contests or competitions or tournaments, forums, surveys; and other features and services, shall be given in detail at our discretion. 

It can be altered, erased, or otherwise updated at any time with or without the user’s permission or notice. All photographs, texts, images, figures, logos; other media and proprietary information shall be aware of the Terms and Conditions, except as otherwise mentioned.

By accepting, the customer also agrees that the website and everything in it are provided on the basis of ‘AS IS’ and that Crictaka does not take any responsibility whatsoever in connection with the use of any website function, feature, or content. All this is offered solely for non-commercial and private amusement and enjoyment to consumers. 

All downloads can only be made to a single personal computer or mobile device if necessary. None of the materials or services can be circulated, morphed, republished, or publicly displayed without the written consent of Crictaka. In addition, it is our right, at our discretion, to deny such permission at any time.

Content generated by the consumer

Our website allows users to contribute and store information in the form of text (“Content,” “Comments”) under the following terms:

  • Crictaka is not responsible for the legality, integrity, civility, or appropriateness of user-added content, and all other duties of the content are the user’s responsibility.
  • The content is maintained entirely by the individual, does not contain any material that is copyrighted by any person or organization and does not authorize the duplication of said material, and does not infringe any person or entity’s privacy and/or publicity rights.
  • The website shall have the right to use, duplicate, redistribute and public view, or erase any user-generated content posted to the website.
  • Any individual who may access a comment retains the freedom to replicate or redistribute its content at his or her discretion.

External Reference

In certain cases, the website may connect to (i.e., provide direct links to) other websites. Cric77 is not implicitly supported, endorsed, or authorized by, or associated with, these websites or the entity(s) they represent, specifically or indirectly affiliated with, as clearly specified on our website.

 If the individual joins an external page from those references, they do so at their discretion and discretion.

We are not liable, lawfully or otherwise, for the contents of the websites linked to or of any third party concerned; this excludes responsibility for acts, goods, and/or services specifically offered by or associated with those external websites.

Limitation of Liability

Crictaka, its directors, associates, affiliates, or staff shall not be responsible for any actual or unintentional harm to the user or any third party as a result of the user’s contact with or use of the website and its contents, including financial damages, lack of data or impairment of goodwill.