The Best Online Card Games in India 2021

Much like delicious food, card games are a huge part of any gathering in India. From apps to playing in person, card games have been around in the country for a better part of time. This got me thinking what are the top online card games available in India.

To my surprise, the list is quite interesting and exciting. So, without any further ado, let’s begin the hunt for the best online card games in India.


Objective: To get Black Jack or beat dealer’s count.

Players: 2-7

Blackjack is by far the most glamorized card game. Debuting in many of James Bond movie, this game of possibility is everyone’s favorite. In Blackjack, players compete with the dealers and beating the house is not an easy job, though it is not impossible. There are basics and strategies you can easily learn to stand out in the overall outcome and bankroll status.


Objective: To get rid of the cards as soon as possible, beating all the other players to it.

Players: 3-10

As suggested by the name, this card is all about that poker face. This game goes by a few questionable names as well, BS, cheat, etc. Bluff really helps sharpen your guessing skills.

A player puts a card or more face down and announces the rank. Now s/he could be either bluffing or telling the truth. If a player believes that the next person is bluffing, they can call out by saying, “Open.”.  In case, the person who bluffed is caught s/he must add the discard to their pile and vice-versa.


Objective: To hold the highest card among the players.

Players: 4, Team: 2

In terms of popularity, the game is known all around the world, and has comparatively many books composed around it. Over the time, people have developed a few versions of the games like: Bridge Whist, Auction Bridge and Contact bridge.

One deck is used with 13 cards to each, the one who has the highest card wins throughout the game.


Objective: To hold as many 10-esteem cards as possible.

Players: 2, Team: 2

Derived from the Gujarati word, the game is widely popular in the western part of India. It has a closer resemblance to another popular card game, “Dehla Pakad.” Two teams are divided and a 52 card deck is required for the game. A dealer is decided on the basis of card value. The winner has to win, seven or more tricks.


Objective: To capture the pot.

Players: 2-7 players

Poker has its underlying foundation In North America, the states where the card game is highly popular. It involves a lot of poker face, bluffs, and make-believe bet to either make your opponent abandon the bet or push it further.  In the several rounds that is played, the pot in the middle holds all the bet.


Objective: To improve the card initially dealt and meld into two to three combinations.

The adoration for playing rummy has increased dramatically in India. Since the game was made available online, it is the most played card game in the country. Furthermore, the game puts your thinking hat to test. It is easy to learn and one of the engaging card games.

Satte Pe Satta

Objective: To block a fellow opponent’s chance to lay out their card.

Players: 3-8

The game is also known as Sevens, Fan Tans, Dominoes and Parliament. Players are dealt from 52 card deck; players can arrange cards in Suits or the numerical order. Throughout the games, players have to arrange the card in sequence and get rid of them, any player incapable of doing so has to say “Pass” and the game goes on.

Teen Patti

Objective: To hold the best three-card hand and in the process increase the pot before the showdown.

Players: 3-6

The game can be played in two ways: through a 52-deck card and adding the two jokers as wild cards. This Indian Flush share a close resemblance to Poker and Rummy. Teen Patti, has such a big fan following that it has been part of Bollywood movies as well.

The players in the game are dealt with three cards each without liberty of picking up any more. They can either play blind and by seeing the card, who has the strongest hand wins the game.

Summing up

Above are the well-known online cards games in India, if you wish to try your luck or thought-out strategies in a reliable betting site. I have two names for you Jeetwin and Crickex. If you haven’t signed up already, hurry up and take benefits of their promotional offers on your next wager. 

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