The Best Online Slot Games for Android

Whether you enjoy fruit machine or adventure-themed slot games, the android system seems to have the finest titles available in the market. Online slot games in recent years have taken a leap in terms of quality, theme, storyline. 

Either you wish to learn slot games without making any large investments, or just to pass time, android OS has a wide range of online slot games readily available. Without any further ado, let’s list down some of the top Android slot games.

616 Digital Slot Games

If this is not your first time, snooping around in google store for slot games; you must have come across, 616 digital slots. This development studio produces tons of slot games. Pay-once slot games need upfront money and are free to play after that, while others have in-app purchases.

777 Slots

777 Slots is one of the well-known slot games available on the google store. More or less resembling the aspect of casino slot games. 777 Slot games has a variety of features: Login bonuses, distinctive themes, tournaments, etc. The game has in-app purchases available, but you won’t have to pay any of those to enjoy this android slot game.

Casino Joy Slot Myth

This mythical ancient Greek-style slot is another above-average android slot game available in store. It has features like: Multiple play-on, large payouts, 40+ pay lines available.

Caesar’s Slots

It is another free-to-play, enjoyable online slot game. Over 10million downloads, the game even has welcome bonuses for newcomers up to 40K coins. Not just that, Caesar’s Slots has tons of promotional offers available down road. Apart from free coins, the slot has some stunning graphics to go with its themes. The game has a lot of in-app purchases to support the game.

Titan Slots

Packed with Greek warrior mythology, this online slot games are famous among, story lovers. The game, no doubt, lots of fun has a unique twist to slot games. You can accumulate daily free coins and large payout, but that’s not all of it. Titan slots has an adventure mode, that tells the tales with character development and many more. In-app purchase available with the game.

Spinz Casino

Coming through the Spinz Gaming Stable, Spinz slot is another massively popular android slot game. The slot offers real money casinos to plenty of players around the globe. They have sheer volumes of enjoyable and quality slot games options.

True Infinity Slots

From the makers of Infinity Slots, true infinity slots have been made with love and a lot of attention to detail. They have slot games available with intriguing themes and exciting features: wilds, free spins, bonus games, and many more.

Pharaoh’s Way Slots

Pharaoh’s Way Slots is another popular android slots games. This free-to-play game has handful of features to keep the player engrossed for lengthy periods. You can play two, three reels with 10,25, and even 50 lines. The only issue with this slot game is it doesn’t have a cloud saving. So, if you switch phones, all your progress is gone.

HUUUGE slots games

This game studio has a wide range of casino–style games, and online slots is one of them. These free-to-play online slots are amazing to play and with a variety of mechanics available you can choose the one that works for you. They require coins to play and often times, you are awarded with coins in the game.

Deluxe Slots

With over million downloads, this downtown-style casino slot game brings the very best of Las-Vegas slot games to android phones. In addition to striking graphics, Deluxe Slot is fast paced- entertainment that offers handful of bonuses and prizes. The game has a lot of in-app purchases available for you, but you won’t have to pay any of that to play the game.

Playtika slots games

This developer is mainly known for its above-average poker app, World Series of Poker app. They do have three online slot games to choose from with more or less similar mechanics. You get initial coins to play for the games. There is nothing so striking about this slot game but they are pretty decent to pass sometimes.

Slots Rush

Slot Rush is another Las-Vegas theme casino game with bunch of themes available to choose. New entrants get free coins in hourly, daily, and weekly basis to play the slot games. In addition, the game boasts of having higher win rates compared to other slot games modelled after Vegas style theme.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the game choice comes to you as a player, these slots can help you learn the basics of online slot games. If you decide to switch for real money slot games, we have the list available for you as well.

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