The Greatest Cards Show Live game by Playtech

If you have ever been to fairs as a child, you will identify the greatest cards that show the game as the giant wheel game. In the world of online gambling, the Greatest Cards Show is a live dealer game that is introduced and marketed by Playtech. The game is all about a centrally placed giant wheel that has 54 segments in it that are horizontally mounted and resembles a roulette wheel. Out of these 54 segments; 52 are dedicated to the usual card decks and the two remaining segments are for holding the Jokers.

If the player can rightly place a bet on the correct segment, the payout is 40 times – that is massive. Players who are lucky enough to have the Joker segments qualify for the ensuing Gold or Silver round bonuses. For these rounds, you have to bet on random cards and the return multiplier is almost 5000 X.

Greatest Cards Show by Playtech – About the Game

The combination of the money wheel and several mini-bonus games makes this one such a hit. Playtech released the Greatest Cards Show game in 2022. The theme of the game is just like a travelling carnival that each one of us used to enjoy as a kid. This is one of the most spectacular creations by Playtech that is a full-time adrenaline rush with payouts that are unimaginable and massive. It scores a 4 out of 5 rating on almost all the parameters of casino games evaluation like

Interactivity, Excitement, Streaming Quality, Design and Sound, Win Potential. The game primarily streams from Latvia and is available in 14 different languages for global players.

Since the birth of online gambling, it is always the live casino games that create hype among players – it is mostly because of the exact simulation of the real-life physical casinos. Playtech is a pronounced name in the industry for its gaming ideas and the continuous updates they bring. The Greatest Cards Show game from Playtech is one of the highest-budgeted releases of online gambling. The colourful entertainment component in this game aligns with the current trend of AR or Augmented Reality Technology which is a massive hit.

The Greatest Cards Show Game is less about the skills of playing cards and more about the luck you have for dealing with the fortune wheel. True Playtech fans will be able to find some resemblance with their previously released game – Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

There are three types of bonus games in The Greatest Cards Show and they are excellent ways to enhance the payout:

  1. Spotlight Bonus: If you win a bet on a sliver-outlined card, you can enter the Spotlight bonus game. The multipliers for the game range from 50 X to 2000 X.
  2. Light Show Bonus: If you win a bet on a gold-outlined card, you can participate in this one. The multipliers are in the quest of 50 X to 5000 X
  3. Joker Bonus Game: If the wheel lands on the Joker, you become eligible to place a bet on the Joker game segment.

Game Features – Greatest Cards Show

Here are some of the Unique and fan-favourite features of Greatest Cards Show Live Game:

  • Colourful entertainment with an extremely lucrative augmented reality-based interface
  • A perfect combination of RNG mini-games and wheel-based mechanics based on augmented reality
  • The high-yielding and exciting bonus games like Lightshow, Spotlight and Joker Bonus Game.
  • Amazing visual cues and fantastic graphics with a purpose-driven show presentation placed in a high-quality carnival theme game studio
  • Very high RTP chances – almost close to 96.67 % (provided you can get lucky)
  • Since all the card segments are arranged in a particular order based on card suit and rank, targeting some specific wheel segments is easier than ever
  • Simple flexible and volatile methods of payout are a big turn-on for global online casino players.

All these super interesting features make the game truly the best possible alternative for the online roulette. It is a highly recommended game by casino lovers; but the ideal way to win is to keep your temperaments in check.

Strategies to Win the Greatest Cards Show

There is not much strategy you can apply in this game. As already stated, the Greatest Crads Show game depends a lot on the chance factor. Simply indicating that you have to be lucky to win it over. The game is quite simple and there aren’t many complications regarding the rules and whereabouts of the game. It is technically quite easy to win the game. The only factors that will define your win are covering enough cards and suitable money management.

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