Trustworthy Cricket Betting Websites in Bangladesh

Trust is an essential thing in today’s world. And that’s why we bring you the list of trustworthy cricket betting websites. You can be carefree while placing a wager in these portals.

Trust is an essential thing in today’s world. While some people just want to scam you, some will help you. If you are looking for online cricket betting options, continue reading this article. You will find important information like the best betting sites, strategies, etc. Let us discuss the betting industry in Bangladesh before going any further.

Bangladesh is an Islamic nation, and betting is a taboo under the severe essentials of the Islamic religion. On the off chance that you are found betting in Bangladesh, you could look as long as a month in jail and a fine. This is just about as exacting as present-day regulations get because prostitution — which likewise conflicts with the religion of Islam — is legitimate and generally rehearsed in Bangladesh.

However, the betting regulations in Bangladesh are confounding as they may be in numerous different nations where betting should be unlawful. Horse, right off the bat, hustling is entirely lawful. This game can not exist without betting, and because numerous Islamic countries love The Sport of Kings, they have considered it. Likewise, web-based betting makes many escape clauses in Bangladeshi regulations because these destinations are not situated in Bangladesh and are not exposed to their guidelines.

Best Cricket Betting Websites

Have a look at the bonus offers and benefits of Bangladesh’s most-trustworthy cricket betting sites.

S. No.WebsiteBonusBenefits
1Crickex+100% Up to BDT 5,000Access to broadcasts after registrationConvenient and modern interfaceHuge bonuses with promos and vouchers
2Most Bet+100% Up to BDT 25,000Quick Account Registration100+ Events for BettingFree App for Android and iOS  
3Parimatch+100% Up to BDT 12,000Convenient App for Android and iOSLive Sports Betting and StreamingAccepts BDT  
4BetWay+100% Up to BDT 2,80024/7 Customer SupportConvenient App for Android and iOSHigh Odds for Online Betting  
51xBet+100% Up to BDT 11,000Accepts Popular Payment MethodsQuick WithdrawalEasy Account Registration  

Cricket Betting Strategies

Cricket draws people and offers various betting markets easy betting steps. One needs to be calm and composed for cricket betting sessions. Otherwise, one wrong move can make you go bankrupt overnight. Also, there are different types of bets available for cricket matches. Some are straight wagers, player side wagers, group side wagers, etc.

Cricket wagering systems work by putting down various stakes into a solitary ‘ticket.’ For instance, you can utilize your system to part the bet between different players or groups to guarantee your rewards. Cricket wagering techniques can likewise be used for matches or putting down a lay bet for each wager on the rundown.

You can again bet on players like the top bowler or batsman, the best players, etc. That is the reason the most effective way to begin wagering on cricket is by using one of the two principal wagering procedures – the numerical or the game-related ones. We have selected and shortlisted five betting strategies for you.

Online Cricket Betting Strategies

Look at the cricket betting strategies selected especially for new Bangladeshi bettors.

S.No.Strategy NameDescription
1Dogon StrategyThe plan uses playing catch-up, where you keep doubling the stakes until you offset the previous losses. It is a risky strategy compared to others on the list.
2Flat Betting StrategyUnlike the Dogon process, you keep your stake’s value fixed in flat betting. It is a mathematical and geared strategy to increase your earnings steadily.
3‘Percentage of Bank’ Betting StrategyThis strategy is based on a punter’s bankroll. You use a certain percentage of your bankroll while placing bets on the provided quotes like the name. The slabs are as follows:- conservative (1-2% of bankroll), moderate (3-5%), aggressive (6-10% ), and chaotic (= or > 10% of bankroll).
4Oscar’s Grind Strategy,The principle behind this strategy, comes from the Dogon Strategy. But it instead makes you double your stakes after every single bet that you win. It can be a nightmare for new bettors, so you should avoid this.
5Ladder STrategy  The ladder system of betting is straightforward: you bet your winnings on the next bet. This strategy is suitable for pros and beginners if they are daring enough. In this strategy, you should choose betting quotes with low odds and many possible outcomes.  

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