Which type of betting promotions are most lucrative?

Do you like sports? The answer is an obvious yes with so many different games in the world. And the games with high competition attract more people. This interest and popularity gave rise to professional bettors around the globe. Regular bettors are always on the lookout for new and high-rewarding events with amazing betting promotions to increase their payouts.

The bookmakers also strategize using offers and events to invite new users. One can find numerous sites with high signup bonuses. The attractive offers ensure that bettors will come to their platform only. Many platforms offer fascinating deals but choosing the right one can be tricky. We brings you the perfect guide with the latest information on the best bookmakers in India. Scroll down to see all the important and beneficial information.

Is betting legal in India?

The state laws do not allow onshore betting and gambling settlements but bettors can gamble on online platforms. Public house gambling is legal for horse racing, lottery, and rummy. Online gambling and gaming with real money is legal in India. This gives a chance to play high stake games without attracting trouble.

What are betting promotions? How many types are there?

Betting promotions or betting offers are rewards by bookmakers to the new and current players. There are many different types of bonuses depending on the game and online betting platform. But all of them fall under three main categories – free bet bonuses, cash sign-up, and money back. Let’s discuss the different types of bonuses below. Also, Cricket wants to advise everyone that the bonuses come with set wagering requirements to be understood before claiming them.

Free Bet Bonuses

Online betting platforms and bookmakers often give free bets to existing users upon crediting certain amounts in their accounts. Also, the free bet bonuses are to new bettors as welcome gifts by many sites. This gives them a chance to place a “free bet” on a selected outcome of the game. Regular bettors often look for free bets to increase their winning chances without using their funds. There are certain requirements for wagering free bets and they should be thoroughly understood before claiming the offer.

Money Back Bonuses

Money back bonuses, as their name suggests, are the perfect win-win betting promotions for bettors. Bettors can use this to bet freely on their favorite sports. When this offer is applied the bookmaker will return your money if you lose. The return can be made in the form of free bets. This makes many bettors consider it a nuisance. But if you are properly knowledgeable about the conditions then it is a boon for you. Check the wagering requirements if any. Usually, money back bonuses and promotions do not have direct requirements.

Cash Sign-up Bonuses

Cash sign-up bonuses are undoubtedly the best kind. That is because bookmakers can give upto 100% rewards on deposited amounts. Suppose you added INR 1,000 into your betting account and the site is giving you a 100% cashback offer then your total added amount is INR 2,000. There are wagering requirements for Cash sign-up bonuses also. Crickex, wishes you to practice responsible gambling and betting.

There are some other miscellaneous bonuses also other than the three mentioned above. These are offered by bookmakers for special events and big matches. Also, bookmakers sometimes hold special tournaments for these promotions. Some betting sites give bonus points to their users which can be exchanged for money or rewards later. Bookmakers are ultimately looking after their own profits, And so, even the most lucrative-looking deals can mean nothing depending upon their wagering requirements. Bettors should carefully check all the requirements whenever they get a promotion or offer from the bookmaker. Scroll down to find the best game and top sites with heavy offers.

Top 10 Betting Apps in India

  • Crickex
  • Betway
  • 22bet
  • MarvelBet
  • Casumo
  • 4raBet
  • Jeetwin
  • Fun88
  • Pure Win

These sites are verified and authentic with heavy betting promotions for their users. Betting promotions are beneficial to bettors as long as the requirements are right. Many popular games have regular high stake matches. Some popular sports for betting are baseball, cricket, football, soccer. And basketball. India has one of the largest fan bases for cricket and ultimately the highest number of cricket bettors. The games can all be rewarding depending upon your knowledge of the game. If you have information on a single sport then it is better for you to focus on that sport only

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