What are the type of Extras in T20 Cricket?

People worldwide like to play and watch cricket, which makes it a trendy sport. The idea of cricket is pretty all-encompassing and has a lot of different meanings. One of these ideas is extra and can be found in cricket’s long list of rules. Sundry is another word that is sometimes used for T20 Cricket Extras. A run is adding to the score of the currently batting team. It’s not up to each batter to earn it; instead, it’s the result of the whole team’s work.

The other team might get more points if a bowler makes a mistake. “Untidy bowling” is what people call it when there are a lot of extras in a game. Extras make the game better for the batting team, but they hurt the bowling team. On several grounds, the currently batting team gets an extra run. We can tell T20 Cricket Extras apart from each other mainly by their illegal deliveries, byes, leg byes, and penalty runs. When an unlawful delivery is make, there are usually two different results: a no-ball or a wide. No-ball happens when a bowler or fielder breaks a bowling rule or does something wrong. While bowling, which causes a ball to loss.


A “no ball” is an essential T20 Cricket Extras that can be won in a cricket game. After seeing what happens when the bowler throws the ball the wrong way, the player is rewarding with them.


When a bowler’s throw is far away from the batsman at the batting crease, it is said to be “wide.” A wide ball is a type of delivery that is not allowing by the rules. Playing with a wider-than-usual ball makes it hard for players to make fair contact with it.


The game of cricket is called a “bye” when the ball hits the striker but does not touch the batsman or his gear. When an umpire calls a “bye,” the scoreboard will show that the currently batting team has scored more runs. When there is a bye, runs achieved by running or touching the boundary of the ball are considering fair.

Leg Bye:

In Law 23, the leg bye instance is mentioning. It happens when the ball doesn’t hit the batter’s bat but hits him somewhere else on his body.

Penalty Run:

In a cricket game, the batting team will get a penalty of five runs if they do certain things, when the pitcher unfairly throws the ball or when the ball hits the batter’s helmet while it is on the ground and not being worn. 

People often say cricket is one of the most fun sports. Extras sometimes called “sundries,” are a common idea in cricket. The T20 Cricket Extras are the extra runs the cricket team scores at each venue.

When the bowling team wastes time between overs by trying to run a short distance and ignoring the umpire’s many warnings. These runs are also gives to the batting team as a penalty. If a fielder gets on the field without the umpire’s permission and touches the ball, the batting team gets five more runs.

Illegal Deliveries:

When a bowler or a member of the fielding team breaks the rules of the game. It gives the team that is batting extra runs, this is called an “illegal delivery.”

When the bowler sends the ball far past the player’s reach or the player’s bat is too broad, this is called a “wide delivery.” When either comprehensive or no ball is called, an extra run is given to the currently batting team. If the bowler or fielder breaks one of the game’s rules, the batting team may get penalty runs. A side gets four byes when the ball hits the boundary instead of the player’s body or bat. In this case, the runs are adding to the team’s score, not the individual’s.

If the ball touches any part of the batter’s body and he tries to hit it with the bat but fails, the batter gets a leg bye. In this case, the batter cannot have their leg in front of the wicket (lbw). In all of the above situations, the team currently batting has the advantage of T20 Cricket Extras.


In cricket, extras are runs that are not scoring by a batter. Since the other team made a mistake and gave these runs to the team that was hitting, they don’t count against the score of the person who was shooting. Usually, the team bowling will do everything they can to avoid giving away T20 Cricket Extras runs.

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