Types of Prop Bets and Future Bets Explained

Prop bets allow you to wager on several facets of a game or event in addition to the regular full-game odds.

In 1986, Las Vegas odds makers took proposition bets on Chicago’s legendary defensive tackle-turned-short yardage running back William “The Refrigerator” Perry and whether he would score a touchdown in Super Bowl XX.

Prop bets immediately acquired popularity due to their unique character and excitement, and they became a mainstay of Super Bowl betting. Prop bets were once considered “sucker bets,” but thanks to the popularity of fantasy sports and advances in analytics, prop betting generates an increasing handle each year and is a market that many smart and professional gamblers seek for variety and value.

Types of Prop bets

Prop bets come in a number of varieties, but these are the most frequent options available at most sports books.

Game prop bets

The events and circumstances that occur throughout a game determine the game props. These prop odds might be based on spreads, money lines, Over/Under totals, or Yes/No wagering. Game props can be rated on the whole game or on derivatives such as innings, halves, and quarters.

Team props bets

Team props are purely concerned with each team’s or opponent’s performance. Over/Under totals, money lines, and Yes/No formats are the most common prop bets. They can also be broken down into derivatives.

Player props bets

Player props are determined by how well they perform in a game or event. Money lines, spreads, Over/Under totals, and Yes/No propositions can all be used to wager on these events. Individual individuals can be the focus of these props, or two or more players might compete in head-to-head props.

Exotic prop bets

Exotic props are wagering markets that go beyond a game’s box score, such as odds on events like the Oscars, non-sporting events, and pop culture. Due to regulatory limits, exotic props may or may not be accessible depending on where you bet. In Nevada, for example, you can’t bet on the color of the Gatorade bath given to the Super Bowl winning coach, but you can with several internet bookies.

Prop bets-Advantages

  • With the rise of fantasy sports, there are a plethora of methods for predicting how a single player will do in a given game. In the betting business, it only makes sense to exploit that information to your advantage.
  •  When it comes to team success, there is also less variation. If you bet on Derrick Henry to score over 1.5 touchdowns, it doesn’t matter if the Titans are having a good season. You’re just hoping Henry can score two touchdowns!

Prop bets- Disadvantages

This market is always changing and tends to be more dynamic than a side or total on a particular game. This means you’ll have to do your homework; but you’ll also want to lock in numbers as soon as possible because you never know when the line will move!

Future bets

Future bets are bets on events like which team will win the championship or who will win the MVP award. Longer-term results and outcomes, which are normally resolved at the end of a season or tournament; determine the outcome of these bets.

How future bets work?

Bookmakers modify futures betting odds in response to season results, injuries, and trades, as well as the amount of money gambled on certain teams or events.

Whatever odds the bettor chooses for a future bet are locked in for the duration of the game, regardless of what happens during the game or how sports books modify their futures odds thereafter.What is the best way to read futures odds?

Futures odds are read as a list, with each option and its odds displayed. Most of the time, these are listed from best to worst. The Kansas City Chiefs; for example, are the favorites to win the 2022 Super Bowl futures odds, with +500 (win $500 on a $100 wager) listed at the top of the futures odds.

The Indianapolis Colts, on the other hand, have longer Super Bowl chances, with +2,800 (win $2,800 on a $100 wager) listed at the bottom of the futures odds.

Types of future bets

Championship outcomes, such as the team to win the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, or March Madness; are the most prevalent forms of futures bets. Futures bets are immensely popular among casual bettors and sports fans; and sports books are seeing an increase in wages every year.

Futures bets – The advantages.

Future betting is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among casual bettors. The following are some of the benefits of betting on futures markets:

  •  Futures odds frequently give a positive return, meaning you can win more than you bet.
  •  Many futures bets can be put at any time during the season; so you’re not restricted in terms of when you can place wagers.
  • Futures bets differ from one book to the next, giving you the opportunity to shop around for the greatest odds on your wager.

Futures bets – The disadvantages.

There are certain downsides to indulging in future bets-

  1.  Depending on when you place your futures bet, your money may be locked up for a lengthy period of time until the market is determined.
  2.  Injuries, trades, and the performance of rival teams all have an impact on the result of futures bets over the course of the wager.

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