USA Cricket Popularity: Cricket as a mainstream sport in the USA by 2030

The USA Cricket popularity is seeing a wide growth in terms of international competition. However, Cricket has been a very popular sport in the UK, USA and various parts of the world for many years. But after the USA entered into the ICC in 2019, there has been a massive amount of change on the continent to welcome this sport into American culture completely. By the time you have read this article, you will be equipped with the latest information. It includes these changes in their efforts to make cricket a mainstream sport in the USA by 2030.

Cricket was originally developed in 17th century England and gradually spread all over the whole world. The British Empire had arrived in Australia, the West Indies and India by the 18th century. The Cricket sport is played on a 360-degree field, with batsmen on one team trying to make runs by hitting the ball ahead of the opposing team’s bowler and fielders. At the same time, they protect their wicket from the ball.

It continues to be most popular in former British colony nations like India, Pakistan, South Africa and Australia. The old British game is becoming much more popular in the United States, and you will have the answers by the time you have read this article.

Following the end of World War I, the Cricket sport began to disappear from the public’s attention. Cricket was able to stay because of a small group of people belonging to the 20th-century Caribbean immigrant community. In the past several years, however, USA cricket’s popularity roared back to life because of a growing number of South Asian immigrants.  They successfully organized cricket tournaments, leagues, and pitches on behalf of their communities.

USA Cricket Popularity — To Launch into T20 Cricket League

However, they have very limited access to sporting events with the existing memberships. There were opportunities and chances for the USA to launch the T20 cricket league. Also, with the ability to bring together the best international teams in cricket.

This could add a major popularity gain in sports across the United States. However, it allows the USA team to continue working on obtaining a full membership with the ICC.

The USA Cricket CEO Iain Higgins announced their ambitious goal to launch USA Major League Cricket. Later on, the league game began in July 2023.

Though it seems a small step, but has the complete potential to take cricket to new heights. The USA is aiming to attain their full membership by 2030.

In connection with this, he also put forward the key steps that need to be followed for the USA Cricket success, and they are as follows:

  • Engagement Growth
  • Participation level increased
  • National Team’s best performance
  • League Sustainability
  • Trust Building with Local Cricket Community

By the end of this decade, The league will be able to do its job excellently, with everything it needs to reach new heights, getting the sport to the USA. However, this process is going to take time to achieve but will come up with a great result.

USA Cricket Popularity — A Mainstream Sport in the USA by 2030

We know that the USA Major League Cricket Games is gaining popularity. Also, there is a strong calling to introduce cricket sport into the 2028 Olympics, in Los Angeles. However, several board members will have to discuss, and their decisions have to go along with the USA Cricket growth.

However, the USA Cricket Board made it clear that cricket will be included in the major sporting events and their efforts are not dropping anywhere regarding this. They feel, that USA Cricket’s future will bring a fresh wave of talent to the international games.

As the USA Cricket popularity is continuously pushing in cricket and international competition, various people are waiting to see what this can do regarding the sport’s popularity. Also, about the attitude changing in terms of USA Sports betting. However, many states are working to implement the bill to seek sports betting allowance and permission.

Even counting only the national level, cricket betting site’s stats could fetch a massive revenue amount for each state (not counting the international level). Many states including New Jersey, Nevada, and New Hampshire will benefit from this new revenue source. In various ways, the USA Cricket popularity and its introduction can be advantageous to both — sports and betting companies. Also, whether the USA Cricket League has the potential to be as popular as the NFL and NBA, only time will have to answer. However, USA Cricket Popularity might rise by 2030. So let us wait and watch their efforts turn into results