What is the exact cost of a Cricket World Cup trophy?

The final price of a World Cup trophy ranges upto $30,000, which is approximately equal to INR 25 lakhs ( in terms of Indian Rupees). Can you believe that a World Cup trophy is so costly? Definitely YES!

The cost shows how much time and effort are invested to make an ICC World Cup trophy that symbolically represents the success of the sport.

Along with the on-field competition that thrills millions of fans worldwide, the ICC World Cup trophy sets the stage for the highest level of success in cricket to honor the top-performing teams with the defending champions title.

Most importantly, you need to know that the World Cup trophy isn’t just a mix of silver and gold. Rather, it holds a greater importance that uplifts the spirit of cricket. With every new edition of the tournament, the trophy’s design, crafted in 1999, totally redefined the idea of a traditional award ceremony and championship trophy presentation.

Mainly, in the cricket community, the stand for unity and consistency started to evolve. Every World Cup edition has a uniquely designed trophy that denotes the symbol of cricket for its success and excellence. 

Being a cricket fan, you might be curious to know a few unanswered questions such as the designer of the World Cup trophy and the objects used, dimensions, and whether the winning countries would get the original trophy or not. Furthermore, you would be interested to find out the reasons behind spending a whopping amount to create a World Cup trophy to understand if it is worth the investment. It’s time to delve deeper into this article to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Who created the first World Cup trophy?

Paul Marsden, a designer from Garrard & Co. — one of the reputed jewelry manufacturers in London (United Kingdom), designed the World Cup trophy in 1999 by taking the help of a team of artisans in London. Currently,  Ottewill Silversmiths — a designing and manufacturing silverware and jewelry company, manages the production of the World Cup trophy.

Design of the Cricket World Cup Trophy and Objects Used

The center portion of the trophy consists of a golden globe decorated with bells, three silver stamps, and a stumped wicket, each symbolically conveying a unique meaning as explained below:

  • Golden Globe: Represents our planet Earth surrounded by decorative bells.
  • Silver Stamps: Showing beautiful mastery of craftsmanship
  • Stumped wicket: Captures the adrenaline-pumping moments when bowlers knockout batsmen to highlight the spirit of cricket.

Maintaining the historical record of cricket, the base of the trophy is made of hardwood that has a few inscriptions to point out the year and the champions of each World Cup.

Currently, you can find eleven inscriptions on the trophy with each representing incredible moments recorded in the entire cricket history. In addition to what has already happened, there is a higher possibility for great things to occur as the legacy of the ICC World Cup continues to expand.

Dimensions of a Cricket World Cup Trophy

Typically, a World Cup trophy weighs approximately 11 kgs (11.0567 kgs) and is 60 centimeters (cm) in height, certifying its crucial role in the main stages of international cricket tournaments.

What is the Cost of Designing a World Cup Trophy? Why is it Costly?

The overall price of designing a World Cup trophy is 30,000 USD (INR 25 lakhs) and one of the main reasons for investing a huge sum of money is the requirement for pure gold and silver materials to make it visually stunning. Also, the objects used must symbolically represent these three fundamental aspects of the sport in a straightforward manner —batting, bowling, and fielding.

Do Winners Receive the Original ICC World Cup Trophy?

NO! As usual, the original World Cup trophy is retained at the ICC headquarters in Dubai. As a result, the winning teams will receive a permanent duplicate trophy which is identical to the original ones in all aspects, except for the inscriptions of the previous winners. The champions of the tournament get to keep this replica as their prize. This alteration in 1999 marked a notable advancement in the Cricket World Cup history.


Despite having considerable importance within the cricket community, the ICC World Cup trophy lacks a standard price tag. The winning trophy conveys dignity, prestige, and confidence to the team triumphing in the finals of a particular tournament. Also, the prestigious trophy symbolizes the greatest level of playing cricket and is a huge encouragement for the team’s hard work, talent, and dedication of every player.

Suppose you’re interested in getting more information about the latest design and updates about the World Cup trophy, it is recommended that you consult the official website of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Ultimately, the ICC World Cup trophy has proven to be invaluable throughout cricket history, representing a great achievement and reviving the names of legendary cricketers.