Who is Babar Azam’s girlfriend? Interesting Facts about a Pakistani Cricketer

The Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam is again in the news of having a relationship with his girlfriend. Still, the reality is that the 29-year-old right-handed batsman is neither married nor has any girlfriends.

Recently, the alleged video of having a physical relationship with the girlfriend of one of his team members went viral on social media. Later, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) strongly disapproved of the video and denied Babar Azam’s chance to be involved in activities that could spoil his reputation.

However, this isn’t the first time that Babar Azam has been trapped in rumors due to a woman assumed to be his girlfriend or wife. A few years back, one such unusual incident occurred where some unknown woman came asking for justice and filed a case that she was pressured to abort Babar Azam’s child and they both have been secretly married. After a certain point of time, her accusations proved false, and she had to withdraw her complaint.

In recent times, it is assumed that Babar Azam is in a relationship with a girl who is from his own family. But, it is not yet known whether the allegation is true or false. Let’s find out the rumored girlfriends of Babar Azam.

Who is Nadia? Babar Azam’s Rumored Girlfriend

Earlier, Babar Azam was said to be in a relationship with his uncle’s daughter Nadia, and the duo were spotted in several photograph sessions, which increased the rumors to a higher level.

Also, the media has frequently highlighted the blooming love between them. According to a few sources, it was expected that Babar Azam was ready to marry Nadia in 2023 since he was closely related to her. 

But, the reality is that the alleged girlfriend of Babar Azam is his real cousin and is almost 4 to 5 years younger than him. Also, a certain set of social media users speculated the rumors that the duo fell in love many years back and have been maintaining their relationship secretly.

Despite the rumors speculating rapidly, Nadia hasn’t given any interviews. At the same time, she neither denied nor accepted the fact of being in a relationship with Babar Azam.

Furthermore, few people commented that although Nadia isn’t highly educated, she can still be the perfect homemaker and partner that the Pakistan skipper might require in his life. 

Who is Hania Aamir? Pakistan Skipper’s other rumored girlfriend

Hania Aamir is a Pakistani actress born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in 1997. After making her debut in a local movie “Janaan” (2016), she became one of the popular star celebrities in Pakistan.

Furthermore, she gained immense popularity for her performance in Titli — a romantic movie in 2017, that attracted countless fans of the youth generation. Also, she has acted in many popular TV shows such as Visaal and Phir Wohi Mohabbat. Consequently, Hania became a popular personality outside Pakistan since her appearance in Mere Humsafar as well as playing a crucial role in top blockbuster movies like Parwaaz Hai Junoon and Na Maloom Afraad 2.

Why Hania Aamir is often viewed as Pakistani Anushka Sharma?

Most often, Hania Aamir is popularly called the Pakistani Anushka Sharma because of these three main reasons:

  1. Fan Comparison with Virat Kohli and Babar Azam: Since Virat Kohli is hailed as the “King of Cricket”, in a similar manner Pakistani fans call Babar Azam the King.  Also, the Indian actress Anushka Sharma became the wife of the great Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, who became Team India’s captain in 2017. Fans compare the same bond with Babar Azam and assume that Hania Aamir could become the future wife of the Pakistani captain.
  2. Hania Aamir vs Anushka Sharma: The fan group conversation on social media discusses that only Hania Aamir can give tough competition to Anushka Sharma, whereas a few others deny by saying that Aamir cannot even inch closer to Anushka’s performance.
  3. AI-generated fake video: Since Anushka Sharma and Hania Aamir have few similarities in terms of appearance, a particular set of fans started creating AI-generated fake videos to speculate the rumors. One such video showed Hania Aamir in a silver dress supporting Babar Azam during the match. Later, the video was confirmed to be fake, as it was the dubbed version of the original footage, where Anushka Sharma was spotted cheering her husband Virat Kohli from the stands. 

Has Babar Azam confirmed his relationship with Hania Aamir or Nadia?

NO! Babar Azam hasn’t provided any information about his relationship with Hania Aamir or Nadia.

Earlier, Babar Azam expressed his interest in sharing his screen time with Hania and there seems to be no romantic relationship between the duo right now since fans purely speculated the gossip on social media.

Overall, the rumors related to celebrity marriage lives are speculated by fan groups. However, this isn’t the first time since the admires of male and female celebrities are interested in pairing each other side by side, even if there isn’t any relationship between them.