Who is India’s Next Head Coach, as Rahul Dravid will not re-apply?

Right now, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is up for replacing the new head coach for the men’s cricket team. Rahul Dravid’s tenure as Team India’s head coach is about to complete after the 2024 T20 World Cup. Although there is an option and possibility to re-apply, Dravid seems not keen to apply for the Team India head coach job because he wants to spend valuable time with his family.

Let us further discuss the most speculated names for team India’s new head coach job and the Global Trend of Splitting the Coaching Duties. Also, let us explore why BCCI’s selection criteria for the Indian Team’s Next Head Coach and the last day to Apply for the Indian Team Head Coach Job.

Global Trend of Splitting the Coaching Duties

England sparked the trend by splitting the coaching duties and has been successful. As we have witnessed 2 separate coaches namely Brendon McCullum for red-ball cricket and Matthew Mott for white-ball cricket.

Similarly, other countries such as — South Africa, West Indies, and Pakistan have also adopted this approach. However, this system is completely in contrast to the traditional method of single-coaching (followed in India).

BCCI not willing to split up the coaching duties

There are other countries which usually split up the coaching duties depending on the game’s format. Whereas, the BCCI decides to maintain a single team head coach because of the overlapping player profiles across different formats. As a result, this decision has paved the way for the selection of players within India and internationally.

Most Speculated Names for Team India’s New Head Coach Job

After Rahul Dravid, there are many names speculating for the team India’s new head coach job as Dravid is also not keen on re-applying.

Here are the former player’s names that are most speculated:

  • Justin Langer (former Australian cricketer and coach) has expressed his interest to become the Indian team head coach. In a recent interview, Justin stated that he is always curious about coaching any team internationally, but being an Indian team head coach would be an extraordinary role.
  • Ricky Ponting (currently coaching the Delhi Capitals in IPL 2024), has already expressed his interest in being Indian Team’s head coach. Also, he had discussed the same with other higher officials of the BCCI. Despite Ponting’s interest, there are complications regarding his availability, as he has a hectic 10-month schedule. Also, he is the new head coach for Washington Freedom for the upcoming Major League Cricket season in the US, which is to begin soon.
  • Gautam Gambhir (ex-Indian cricketer, currently mentoring Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2024) has expressed his willingness to take up the responsibility as Team India’s new Head Coach.
  • Ashish Nehra (ex-Indian cricketer, currently serving as Head Coach of Gujarat Titans in IPL 2024) proves his coaching abilities as he holds a track record of achieving an IPL win and runner-up.
  • VVS Laxman (ex-Indian Cricketer, leading the National Cricket Academy) is said to be one of the top contenders and could be considered next after Dravid as the Indian Team’s Head Coach for the national men’s cricket team.

NOTE: According to recent reports, VVS Laxman seems uncertain to be competing and keeping himself away from the head coach job. This has opened up opportunities for other IPL coaches and mentors.

BCCI’s selection criteria for Indian Team Next Head Coach

BCCI has repeatedly declared that it is unwilling to split the coaching duties like the Pakistan or English cricket boards. Also, they have made it very clear that the next appointed Indian team head coach will have to take up the responsibility of looking after the team in all 3 formats of the game.

According to the published criteria on the BCCI website, they are looking for a responsible coach who will develop a world-class Indian cricket team. As a result, the team will be capable of delivering long-lasting success in all conditions and formats.

Here are the main selection criteria set by BCCI for the Indian team’s new head coach:

  • Should have played at least 30 Test matches or 50 ODI matches in their cricketing career.
  • Should have been a coach or full-time member of the Test-playing nation for a minimum period of 2 years.

Last Date to Apply for Indian Team Head Coach Job

The last date to apply for the Indian team head coach job is 27th May 2024 as set by the BCCI. With the set date, we can witness their urgency to appoint a promising successor to Rahul Dravid, having the capability to coach the Indian team across the international schedule. Shortly after the 2024 T20 World Cup, the team will start with a 5-match T20I series in Zimbabwe.