Will online betting laws in Bangladesh be formally legalized?

Sports betting is one of the greatest ways to earn money. The internet means that more people are now able to online betting. They have full control to bet when they want and on what they want. However, online betting rules are different in different countries. These rules are also not always particularly clear. It is certainly the case in Bangladesh. In this country, there were no laws specifically regarding online betting have ever been a pass. All forms of online betting in Bangladesh are forbidden. 

Online betting is also illegal in the country. The government of Bangladesh imposes fines and imprisonment as a punishment for betting. Although, this is just for land-based betting because there are no specific online betting laws. It means that the law is outdated documents from back to 1867. This guide will help you to understand the legal status of online betting in Bangladesh.

Legal Status of Online Betting in Bangladesh:

Even though the online betting laws in Bangladesh has undergone certain changes throughout the years, all online betting in Bangladesh is illegal, except for horse racing. Therefore, no betting ventures should be established on the country’s territory. If such a crime commit, the owner of the venture is responsible for answering. Moreover, they also have to pay a fine of 200 Taka and could imprison for up to 3 months. However, similar plenty will receive all the gamblers involved in illegal gambling activities. They should pay a fine of 100 Taka and will imprison for up to one month. When it comes to online betting, the law is not as strict, as there is no state penalty for online bettors. Online betting in Bangladesh has gained popularity in the last few years. Several casino sites accept players from Bangladesh.

Laws of Online Betting in Bangladesh:

It is the case that the act from the 19th century was not written keeping online betting laws in Bangladesh in mind. However, other countries have moved to clarify their laws regarding online betting. Bangladesh still didn’t clarify its laws about online betting. Therefore, online betting is something in the grey area. A group of people in Bangladesh believe that the Public Betting Act of 1867 also applies to online betting. Therefore, it is illegal to bet in most ways online.  

The laws of Bangladesh only allow legalese online betting games of skills. Betting on games of chance is illegal in Bangladesh. In addition, it is confusing for people because there are no clear distinctions between a game of chance and skills. For example, according to the Bangladeshi Court, the game of Rummy is not a game of chance but skills. Therefore, it is legal in Bangladesh.

The Reality of Online Betting in Bangladesh:

Above in the article, we have established that online betting might or might not be illegal under the laws of Bangladesh. However, it won’t help many looking for a definitive answer. The only definitive answer is that: regardless of whether it is legal or not, it still carries out by several citizens of Bangladesh. However, there are no online betting companies based within Bangladesh, but this is not the problem. Many online sportsbooks, casinos, and betting sites based offshore accept players from Bangladesh. Most of these sites are strictly regulated and have a solid fair reputation. Therefore, Bangladeshi players can be sure they are getting a fair experience when online betting in Bangladesh.

Future of Online Betting in Bangladesh:

While the government of Bangladesh and the country’s Muslim population are keen on ensuring the Sharia law observes to the letter. However, it is an effort in futility. Even the street courts of Bangladesh establish punishment for bettors who do not work. The online betting craze has caught up with Bangladeshi bettors. In addition, they still access online casino games that various international sites offer. Online betting technology is expanding, and internet penetration is rising. Online casino games will increasingly become famous in the next few years. Even if the government remains adamant about not opening up the Bangladesh frontiers.


According to the data mentioned above, online betting is illegal in Bangladesh. Many believe that the Public Gambling Act of 1867 also applies to online betting. Therefore it is not legal to play betting games online in the country. However, a group of people also feel that it is not something the act covers. There is currently no pressure on the authorities to modify or repeal the act in 1867. Therefore, any moves to liberalize online betting in Bangladesh would face strong opposition from religious figures and their followers.

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