Win More in Online Crazy Time with Crickex

Crazy Time is one of the best-known and high-yielding live online casino games. It is in fact one of the most hyped games in online casinos. The game is based on the concept of the Dream Catcher Money Wheel. The game consists of multiple tiers and by reaching new levels, you can unlock new potential couples with bonuses for earning more money. Online Crazy Time is one of a kind game that can give you a high adrenaline rush and an amazing player experience. Crazy Time comes with incredible bonus rounds that are even more exciting.

Main Round Game

The game can be divided into the main game round and the bonus game rounds. In the main game round, it is the primary money wheel that will spin along with the Top Slot. On spinning the top slot, it generates a random multiplier for a bet spot. This multiplier could either be a bonus game or a number. For a successful match, the bet spot and multiplier should align horizontally in the Top Slot. The role of the multiplier in the game is to either multiply a number bet or multiply the multipliers themselves in a bonus game. To participate in the bonus game, the players must bet on the corresponding spots and win.

Bonus Games

When it comes to Crazy Time, the bonus games are even more attractive than the Main Game. There are three major types of Bonus Games in Online Crazy Time. These are Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Pachinko. Let us dive deep into the bonus games

Cash Hunt

Cash hunt is an intensely lucrative game. There is a shooting gallery that features a large screen with the presence of 108 random multipliers. Random symbols cover the multipliers. Now, the player positions their aim with the start of the countdown timer. The player will select the target they perceive the multiplier to be hidden behind. The last step is shooting the cannon at the target to reveal whether the target chosen really hides the multiplier or not.

Coin Flip

In this bonus game, the flip of a coin will decide whether the player will win the multiplier or not. Each coin in the game has two sides – red and blue. The upward-facing side when the coin lands will win the game. Multipliers are associated with each side before flipping the coin. The side that wins determines the multipliers that will generate the money.

Pachinko Bonus Game

Pachinko is literally the favourite of gamblers across the world. Being one of a kind and most exciting of all games, this is an apt bonus game for Online Crazy Time. A gigantic Pachinko wall with several physical pegs is the ideal picture of the Pachinko bonus. A puck will be dropped at the game’s beginning and the landing position of the puck will determine the player who wins the multiplier. For example, when the puck lands on “DOUBLE”, the multipliers at the wall bottom will be doubled. The maximum limit for the multipliers to reach is the 10,000 X multiplier.

How to Win Better at Online Crazy Time?

Here are some quick tips to enhance the chances of your winning the game of Crazy Time:

Understanding the Game

Though the game of crazy time is not quite difficult, you can always play better when you know the game’s whereabouts. Winning in this game depends a lot on the chances and your luck. You can rarely know what will be the outcome of spinning the wheel, but with time and practice you can master the art.

Focus on Bonus

The Bonus games can hike your winning like none. Curate the perfect strategy for winning the bonus games and take advantage to win the game. The additional prizes and payouts are really worth it. It is also crucial to understand the odds of each segment and never fall into the trap of losing the game.

Final Thoughts

Win more in online crazy time with Crickex. Online Crazy Time is a game that took the gambling world by storm. It is an exciting casino game paving the way for the players to win big payouts. It combines all the elements of classic casino games along with some exciting bonus rounds to earn more. Crickex is an ideal platform to play Online Crazy Time and earn more money. If you can truly put your luck and skill to the test with ample practice and strategy, you are surely going to win a fortune with the Online Crazy Time game

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